Relationship Problems/Couples Therapy

Are you struggling in your relationship, having conflict, feeling unsatisfied, wanting more passion or maybe it is difficult to communicate? Has there been a betrayal or an affair?


Are you feeling hopeless? Are you overwhelmed by sadness or numbness? Feel that nothing can make a difference?


Do feelings of anxiety, stress or nervousness keep you awake at night? Find it hard to relax and enjoy life? Do you wish for more confidence or trust in yourself?


Are you worried about your drug or alcohol use? Do you want to quit or maybe find help to drink or use in a more manageable way? Is there another addiction you struggle with?


Are you losing patience or feeling confused as to how to handle difficult issues with your kids? Do you worry about doing a good job as a parent? Do you have conflict with your spouse, partner or family about your kids?

LGBTQQI Communities

Do you want someone who understands and respects you for who you are? Are you looking for a therapists who understands that gender, sexuality and discrimination may affect you, but don't necessarily define you?

Young adults

Are you having a hard time finding yourself, adjusting to college or work? Are you struggling to find a job or support yourself without help? Are you confused about relationships, friendships or sexuality?

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