Parenting can be overwhelming. You may feel at a loss as how to handle problems with your kids. You might find yourself constantly frustrated or worried about how you are handling your kids or managing your own feelings as a parent. This is even more true if you disagree with your parents, in-laws, spouse or partner about the "right" way to do things. Often, the advice people give, even the experts, is contradictory. This can leave you feeling like you have the most important job, and you don't know how to do it right.

I work with parents to:

  • Find a shared parenting style with your spouse or partner (Couples Therapy)
  • Learn discipline techniques that match your kids' temperament and your parenting style
  • Understand what is happening emotionally and behaviorally for your kids and yourself
  • Learn skills to help your child manage their emotions
  • Learn skills to manage your own emotions and your responses to your kids
  • Stay close and connected with your kids
  • Ensure that you and your spouse, partner or co-parent are supporting each other, that you are on the same team and working toward the same goals

It is usually helpful and reassuring to learn about the constantly changing developmental needs of children, and the role that temperament plays. There is no one right way to parent every child, and I help each parent learn the best strategies for their particular children.

I specialize in work with all types of families, including divorced or separated, LGBTQQI families, and families with alternative arrangements.

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