FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You may have wondered if therapy would be helpful to you, but you're not quite sure what is involved. Perhaps you are confused about what is going on in your life, why something isn't working, or why you feel bad. You may want to make some changes but feel confused about how to do so.

What will I talk about in therapy?

When we first meet we can talk about whatever feels most important to you. Together we will explore what is bringing you in. If you're not sure where to start, we can work together to figure out what we will focus on. You don't have to talk about anything you don't want to.

What will my therapy sessions be like?

I do more than just sit there and listen. I am interactive, and I assist you in exploring what is getting in the way of living a more fulfilling life. We talk together to help you to make sense of what you are going through. In our conversations you'll have a chance to hear yourself think. You'll start to clarify and deepen your understanding of yourself. You'll see the connections between your thoughts, feelings and actions. This will allow you to make choices more consciously, instead of falling into old patterns.

Do I need a diagnosis or a serious problem to benefit from therapy?

Many people think of therapy as something for depressed people or people with anxiety or some other diagnosis. And therapy is valuable in those situations. Sometimes therapy is a good choice after a crisis, the loss of relationship or a job, a traumatic event like an accident or robbery.

But therapy is also helpful when you're just feeling confused about life. None of us were given a rule book when we were born. Our parents were not given a manual when they took us home. Therapy is a place to get to know how you work, what makes you feel best, who you really are and how to take the very best care of yourself.

How long does therapy last? How often do I come?

Most likely we will schedule an ongoing time and meet on a regular basis until you feel ready to stop. Therapy is something you can end at anytime. You'll know when the time is right. You'll find you have internalized the therapy process so that it's become part of how you think, how you take care of your needs. There is no set length of time. It will evolve naturally as we work together.

What does therapy cost?

Usually we will make an agreement about your fee when we talk on the phone before your first appointment. You then pay for each session when we meet.

If you feel that therapy might be helpful for you, please call or email today for a free 30-minute consultation.