Sara Lesser, LCSW
Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

Sara Lesser, LCSW and Psychotherapist

Are you having a hard time? Are you feeling anxiety, stress, depression or not sure what is wrong? Struggling in your relationships? Looking for a therapist who is warm and interactive?

I help people figure out what is wrong, make real changes and find ways to live a more fulfilling life. My style is collaborative, genuine and interactive. I believe humor can be an important part of getting through difficult times.

I won't judge what you are going through; I will listen with empathy and help you to find some hope. Together we will explore what is going on, find new ways of looking at issues, develop deeper self awareness, and break through barriers to help you live a more joyful and connected life.

Do you feel really far away from your partner? Are you fighting a lot? Is there a lack of passion? I enjoy helping couples to reconnect and to feel more satisfied in their relationship. I will help you learn new more effective ways to communicate and skills that will allow you to feel more compassion towards one another.

Please feel free to explore any of the specialties listed below for more information or call for a free 30-minute consultation. (510) 459-7551.